Gumroad helps thousands of writers, artists, athletes, designers, software developers, and more take control of their creative careers.

Many of them also use Medium to spread the word about their ideas, experiences, and their products.

You could include a Gumroad product like any other embed. It turned the link into a static image and some text. Click it, and you’re taken to Gumroad, where you checkout. Not bad, but not perfect.

So what’s better? Thanks to our friends at Medium and Embedly, this:

How do you get inline, dynamically-resized, products right in your story? By entering your product’s URL into Medium’s “embed” function. Neat.

“Go big or go home.” No, don’t. Nor should you wait for the “stars to align.” They never will. Just bite off a small part of a problem and see if it takes you somewhere.

If you want to make big, large, meaningful things you have to start by making…

I think that the three big areas most startups (I use this word loosely) fit into is:

  1. Providing a product, like 37signals.
  2. Creating a community, like Pinterest.
  3. Building a useful platform, like Twilio.

Many successful startups end up with hands in many buckets, but those identify the three main areas…

“Weekend projects” are the staple of many, many developers. I’ve had my fair share. While many are greeted with positive feedback, there are often negative remarks.

A common one is that you should be building a business. Worrying about money. Changing the world. David Heinemeier Hansson of 37Signals is known…

Sahil Lavingia

Founder and CEO, Gumroad

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