No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees

Freedom at all costs

After the layoffs in 2015, even though the team shrunk, Gumroad itself continued to grow.

How we work

Today, working at Gumroad resembles working on an open source project like Rails. Except it’s neither open source, nor unpaid.

Minimum viable culture

This way of working isn’t for everyone.

A company of creators

One day, out of the blue, I received an email from Daniel Vassallo. I knew Daniel; he was a creator who had made over $250,000 on Gumroad in less than a year.

Getting paid

In practice, we pay everyone hourly based on their role. The range varies from $50 (customer support) to $250 (Head of Product) an hour.

  1. Apply via a form.
  2. An unpaid, few-hour challenge, that resembles the high-level work we do at Gumroad. This may include breaking down a large shipment (like Gumroad Memberships) into its atomic parts, planning the schema associated with a new feature, or writing up a Help Center article.
  3. A paid, few-week trial period, that resembles the day-to-day work we do at Gumroad. This may include fixing bugs, shipping a feature, or answering support tickets.

The future of work is not working

Recently, I pitched the whole company about going full-time, because it felt wrong to grow any larger without full-time staff.



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